Narromine Shire Council general manager Greg Lamont will not be receiving an apology from Cr Dawn Collins after she voted against his performance review in 2014.
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The Office of Local Government (OLG) has ruled the apology is not in the public interest to pursue with the dispute being brought to public attention at the last council meeting.

The code of conduct complaint has featured in the shire business paper since October last year.

The then OLG chief executive, Marcia Doheny (who has since stood down), said she did not condone Cr Collins’ failure to comply with council’s resolution.

She understands the councillor is concerned about how the situation was dealt with.

“I was not satisfied that it was in the public interest to pursue the matter. Nor was I satisfied the matter warranted the use of further public resources,” Ms Doheny writes in the letter.

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HITTING practice balls with Adam Scott and inspiringwords from PGA Tour winnerPeter Lonard are timely motivators forLincoln Tighe.
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Taking aim: Port Kembla’s Lincoln Tighe tees off at the Australian Masters at Melbourne’s Huntingdale on Thursday. Picture: Dave Tease/Golf NSW

In the biggest month of his flourishing career, Tighe will play Australia’smajor tournaments, starting with the Masters on Thursday.

He then returns to Americaforthe final stage of the web南京夜网 qualifying, acareer stepping stone towards a US PGA Tour card.

As he treadsthe same fairways assome of the world’s best this week, Tighe has already shown an improved ability to hold his nerve under pressure.With only 21, plus ties, making it tonext month’sfinal stage, Tighe produced birdies on the final two holes in Texas last week to be -8,tied for 19th,securinghis place.

“It was good for the confidence to make the score under deep pressure,” Tighe told the Mercury after a practice round at Masters venueHuntingdale.

“I knew I was on right on the edge, but I finished and had a nervous waiting game for a couple of hours to see if I’d make it through.

“Everything is going well at the moment, I’m getting a lot more comfortable about performing in the bigger tournaments.”

Tighe shook off the jetlag with nine holesafter landing in Melbourne on Monday, beforea practice round on Tuesday with four-time European tour winner Stephen Leaney.

The Port Kembla product also spent time on the practice fairway next to Scott, as well asa chance encounter with Lonard, who won a PGA Tour event in 2005.

“It was amazing to hear Peter say he had been watching me (play in the US),” Tighesaid.

“He’s a guy who made a career in the US and played at all the majors, so it was just good to be able to chat to him and listen to his experience.

“When I was hitting balls next to Adam Scott, it kind of reminds you how great it is to be back playing the big tournaments at home.”

Under new coach Gary Barter, Tighe has worked on his mental approach, the key to handling the stress of cut-throat qualifying rounds and big Australian tournaments alike.


“I’ve been a lot more consistent,” he said.

“I’ve been working with a sports psychologist as well and it’s certainly paying off.”

Off thetee at 11.45amwith Ryan Lynch and Anthony Brownon Thursday, Tighe wants to continue the momentum in Australia and back to the US.

“It would be unreal,” he said about the prospect of a web南京夜网 card next year.“One of my dreams is to play on the major tours. Web南京夜网 is a stepping stone to the PGA tour, but it’s a big step to befull-time over there.”

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Sandra was walking her dog when it found and ate some cannabis in Lake Gwelup Reserve.
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Sandra was walking her dog when it found and ate some cannabis in Lake Gwelup Reserve. Photo: Supplied

When they got to Balcatta Vet Hospital Skooby had begun to urinate uncontrollably – a symptom of THC poisoning in dogs. Photo: Supplied

The vet was able to immediately identify the problem. Photo: Supplied

Sandra was walking her dog when it found and ate some cannabis in Lake Gwelup Reserve.

Sandra was walking her dog when it found and ate some cannabis in Lake Gwelup Reserve.

A Perth couple has seen the funny side of their dog’s health scare after their pooch found and ate some cannabis in Lake Gwelup Reserve on Monday evening.

Sandra Schuler said she was walking her dalmatian-cross-German-pointer when it suddenly bolted off and dived into the bushes to eat something.

She didn’t get time to see what it was, but it smelt rotten and after they got home Mrs Schuler noticed Skooby was acting strangely.

“His limbs were trembling and he seemed to be totally scared, like he was petrified of himself,” Mrs Schuler said.

“If I wanted to give him a pat he tried to get away from me. He was really scared of something.

“It’s really strange, I’ve never seen a dog act like that in my life.”

Skooby’s strange behaviour got worse and worse, and eventually Mrs Schuler’s husband said they needed to see a vet.

By the time they got to Balcatta Vet Hospital Skooby had begun to urinate uncontrollably – a symptom of THC poisoning in dogs – so the vet was able to immediately identify the problem.

“Apparently it’s not that uncommon, the doctors – as soon as we walked in they knew what was going on and started screening for drugs,” Mr Schuler said.

After being fed charcoal to make him vomit up any cannabis left in his stomach, Mrs Schuler was told she could leave Skooby at the hospital, for a cost of $1500, or she could take him home, but would have to closely monitor him to ensure his heart rate didn’t fall too low.

Mrs Schuler opted to take Skooby home and stayed up all night with her hand on his chest to make sure his heart kept beating, and that he ate and drank properly.

“He drank once, at 3 o’clock in the morning, and then all of a sudden he seemed to be very very thirsty,” she said.

“He wasn’t drinking much anymore, but he needed to so he could stay hydrated so I just spooned it to him with little teaspoons.”

Mrs Schuler said Skooby is doing much better now, but long walks might be out of the question for awhile.

“I hope he’s fit and healthy soon because he loves going to the beach … he runs and chases, he’s really good for his age,” she said.

Mrs Schuler said that, with no kids in the house, the dogs were like her kids, but they had gotten into a lot more trouble.

“Our kids never got into drugs but now we’ve got this dog and its into drugs,” she said.

“It’s a good thing he can’t buy them.

“I just hope he hasn’t picked up a taste for cookies or anything.”

Pet poisoning cases common in WA

Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital lecturer Melissa Claus said around two dog marijuana poisoning cases popped up each month.

“Dogs are very curious creatures and they do tend to explore the world with their mouths a bit, so there’s not always a whole lot that can be done about that,” she said.

Dr Claus said THC intoxication was rarely deadly for dogs, but could damage their mental health.

“It does lead to some significant mental derangement. They often confused, and can’t walk properly – they look sort of drunk almost,” she said.

“From the things that I’ve seen, what’s most concerning are significant signs of mental depression which can result in them not breathing well, and not clearing their throat properly when they get pneumonia for example.

“There’s been very few actual reports of fatalities from THC toxicity. In America where it’s legal we’re seeing much more THC poisonings there – where the THC products are often much more pure, and so the dose is much higher.

“Dogs eating those pure products are where we have seen a few more fatalities – but generally a dog won”t be killed by the products available in Perth.

“Typically they need just a little bit of supportive care to get them through.”

Dr Claus said dogs needed to be kept on a lead most of the time, especially around rat baits, and if they eat something they shouldn’t, it was best to take them to a vet as soon as possible.

“Bring them to a vet; we can make them puke, give them some charcoal and monitor them from there,” she said.  Follow WAtoday on Twitter

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Taste of the tropics: Neil Perry’s vanilla cheesecake with spiced roast pineapple (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem
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Frank Camorra’s deconstructed cheesecake with rhubarb and strawberries (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Neil Perry’s Italian ricotta cheesecake with pastry lattice (Recipe here). Photo: William Meppem

Pink peppercorns add a kick to Karen Martini’s mascarpone cheesecake (Recipe here). Photo: Marcel Aucar

Classic New York cheesecake with a rich sour cream topping (Recipe here).

Celebrate the start of cherry season with Stephanie Alexander’s cherry-topped cheesecake (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Vanilla and ginger cheesecake with spiced roast pineapple. Photo: William Meppem

Individual raspberry and white chocolate cheesecakes (Recipe here).

Two-tone chocolate cheesecake (Recipe here). Photo: Marina Oliphant

Chilled lime and mango cheesecakes (Recipe here).

Almond fudge cheesecake with ginger crust (Recipe here).

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The Narromine Turf Club stepped into the future at the Memorial Races on Saturday.
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Troy Grant and Carolyn Egan at the opening of the Douglas Egan Memorial Stalls. Photo: GRACE RYAN

The Douglas Egan Memorial Stalls were opened and in use for the seven-race event.

Member for Dubbo and the Minister for Racing, Troy Grant opened the stalls with Douglas Egan’s wife Carolyn Egan.

“It’s an enormous privilege to open these stalls,” he said.

“The Narromine Turf Club stands in good stead for the future.”

Mrs Egan said the turf club was very special to Mr Egan.

“I used to call the turf club his other wife, he had such a love of it. Today ticks one of his goals leading to more racing in Narromine. He would say ‘about time’,” she said.

“Thankyou for all your support to the family, you’re all such great mates of his.

“It’s an honour to have the stalls in his name. We pulled the right reins when we chose to live in Narromine eight years ago,” she concluded.

Committee member Matt Barrett said it’s a great addition to the club and it was a team effort to fund the project.

“Everyone has put in from the committee to the highest level of government,” he said.

The Memorial Day remembered deceased clubmen who had contributed to the Narromine Turf Club.

Jockey Ian Newbigging, breeder Phillip Redden, horse owner Alan Lloyd, the recently passed Les Gibson and Douglas Egan were all acknowledged for their contributions.

Families of the men were invited to the race meeting and a special lunch in their honour was held and arace was named after each of the men.

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