Cyrus returns home to the Gong: photos TweetFacebookX Factor contestant Cyrus Villanueva, is he’s a top bloke and the humblest of guys.
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Villanueva played tour guide to mentor Chris Isaak and a Prime7 film crew on Wednesday, with fans screaming everywhere.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbery was at the free concert in the Crown Street Mall, clearly bitten by the ‘Cyrus Virus’.

Cyrus performs at Wollongong Crown Street Mall“He comes across as a really nice guy. He’s not only good looking … he’s a well rounded individual,” said Councillor Bradbery.

Jo Halios-Lewis from Balgownie ducked out of work early to bring her two children to the concert, agreeing the singer was down to earth and talented –“head and shoulders above the others”.

Senior minister of the New Day Church in Figtree Brett Gottle has known Villanueva for eight years and also attested to his character.

Post by Chris Isaak and Cyrus Villanueva sing “Wicked Game”.

“He’s a man of integrity, he has incredible character, incredibly humble and extremely competent,” he said.

The other running theme I kepthearing from everybody –even my housemate who rarely watches talent shows –is that Villanueva does have The X Factor.

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The Illawarra will have it’s first major reality tv star after Cyrus Villanueva was given a golden ticket to The X Factor grand final, along with singer Louise Adams, 31 of Mount Gambier and duo Jess & Matt, both 24 from Sydney.
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Villanueva was a ball of nerves up until the moment his name was called on the safe list duringTuesday night’s elimination show, though it was bittersweet.

“It’s at that point of the competition where everyone is so talented and so different you never know if you’re safe or not,” he said.“I was so over the moon to have made it, but I had to say ‘See you’ to [Big] T.”

The pair became close mates during their time on the television talent quest, each spurring the other on.

“He just keeps telling me, ‘alright bro, you gotta take this out – this is your moment’,” he laughed.

It certainly is his time to shine and Australia is backing him every step of the way. Villanueva concededhe knew Dapto would back him and also the people of Wollongong, but felt totally overwhelmed by the support from far and wide that continues to pour his way.

“I’m just following something that I love doing and putting all my effort and hard work into that,” he said.“I guess [i’m an] example to how far you can go if you put your mind to it.”

Monday night will see him perform three songs in the hope of being crowned winner on Tuesday. He couldn’t give too much away as to what songs have been chosen, but said in preparation he didn’t like to over-rehearse.

“When I learn any song I don’t over sing it, because there’s a point where you’re thinking too much, then you overthink trying to remember certain lyrics, then you get to the spotlight and you forget it all,” he said.

The next few days will be a whirlwind of media commitments and song practice, but the main aim for Villanueva is to “keep healthy, keep fit, make sure we don’t get sick the day before”.

Aside from his family, the biggest thing he’s missed whilst being in the competition were his mates, and being able to catch up for lunch or a surf whenever he wanted.

Once the show was over he said he couldn’twait to invite them around home for “a couple of cups of tea and some biscuits”.

“As soon as I left [Wollongong] it hit me how much they mean to me and how regular they were in my life, it’s been hard to be away from all of them.”


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Fodder contractor Craig Hage says the Krone Ultima CF155XC – the world’s first non-stop round baler – has increased his baling speed from 40 bales an hour to more than 80.BAROSSA Valley-based fodder contractor Craig Hage has invested in Australia’s first non-stop round baler, the Krone Ultima CF155XC.
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The machine was imported in September by Regari Contracting and has doubled its production from 40 round bales of silage an hour to more than 80.

The German-built baler keeps collecting the crop while the finished bale is being net wrapped and transferred to the plastic wrapper.

The pre-compression chamber enables high density bales of between 700 kilograms and 800kg to be produced, and the semi-variable bale chamber can produce 1.25 metre to 1.5m diameter bales.

When the bale is finished the two belts which make up the pre-compression chamber stop to allow net to be applied to the bale.

While these belts are stopped they move apart to expand the pre-compression chamber so that the incoming crop can still be collected until the finished bale is ejected and the bale chamber is empty. The collected fodder forms the core of the next bale.

Mr Hage said the Ultima was auto greasing and had improved operator comfort with the tractor not stopping and starting all the time, but the biggest advantage was improved labour efficiency.

“The biggest things for us is there is not enough time in the day to do things and finding good labour.”

“Last year we had four balers but (this year) we have three balers running doing a similar amount of work.”

There is also less heavy lifting with the hydraulic net roll lifter.

This removes the need for the operator to lift a full roll of net onto the top of the machine every time a new one is required.

The 16 film roll holders are also positioned at the same height as the film dispensers, reducing operator fatigue.

Mr Hage says it has not been a big silage year with the dry spring, but he has already made about 2000 bales with the machine.

“In the next five years we will see a lot more of these about,” he said.

“The biggest problem with round bale silage is it takes 30-40 seconds to make a bale but then you are sitting about for 15-20 seconds waiting for it to wrap and opening and closing the tailgate to produce it, whereas with this we can keep going.”

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FIRE danger is about to spike across southeastern Australia with conditions likely to be the most intense since at least last summer, more intense than a month ago when bushfires flared up.
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South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and much of these States are about to experience worse fire weather conditions than in early-to-mid October, the last time a wave of hot, dry winds blew across the region.

Inland areas will exceed 40 degrees as humidity drops below 10 per cent and winds gust to 40 to 50km/h.

Some coastal areas will see temperatures reach the mid thirties with similarly low humidity and high wind gusts.

The result will be fire danger reaching well into the severe and extreme categories, possibly beyond, particularly in areas which had had very little rain recently.

The saviour for some areas is soaking rain which fell about a week ago, dampening the fuel load.

The highest fire danger should occur during Wednesday for western and southern SA, Thursday for northern SA and Victoria and Friday for NSW.

During Tuesday parts of Western Australia’s south recorded their highest fire danger since last summer, even two summers ago.

At Norseman, in the southern Goldfields, 42-degree heat combined with six percent humidity and 89km/h wind gusts, resulting in its worst fire weather in several years.

The intense weather is due to 45-degree plus heat developing over northern WA due to days of unbroken sunshine with help from unseasonably warm waters offshore.

Some of this heat is being drawn south and east across the country in northwesterly winds ahead of weak fronts.

The weak fronts are allowing the heat to last a few days as it makes its way across southern Australia.

The wave of heat and intense fire weather will lessen when a stronger front moves through during Thursday and Friday.

However, it will take about a day for fire danger to drop significantly, once the southerly winds become cool enough.

Blowing dust is also likely to persist for about a day after the arrival of the southerly, given the wind change will be a dry one for much of the inland.

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