While summer is still two weeks away, Narromine is expected to get a taste of it at the end of this week with temperatures forecast to reach heatwave-like conditions.
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Waging a war on sun damage aquatic manager Val Bollard and Cancer Council’s Camilla Thompson.

The forecast for Thursday and Friday is a sweltering 41 and 42 degrees, with minimum temperatures being 16 and 18 respectively, not giving residents much respite.

The temperature was expected to reach 32 on Tuesday 32 and then there will be a significant increase on Wednesday with temperatures expected to reach a maximum of 37 degrees.

Temperatures will cool slightly at the weekend with a maximum of 32 for Saturday and 31 for Sunday being forecast.

Cancer Council’s Camilla Thompson said people needed to be smart in the heat.

“It’s ideal if you can avoid being out in the sun during peak UV times. During summer that’s about 11am to 3pm. Other than that you can slip on a sleeved and collared shirt, slap on a wide-brimmed hat, slop on some broad spectrum sunscreen, seek shade or shelter and slide on some sunnies, five simple steps for being sun safe,” she said.

“Make sure you keep hydrated with plenty of water and reapply sunscreen every two hours, or more if you’re sweating a lot or going in and out of the water.”

Mrs Thompson said if you’re in doubt you could check out when’s the best time to go outside through the Cancer Council app.

“You can check the UV level on the Cancer Council SunSmart app on your iPhone or android, anything over three means you should be using a sun protection method to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer.”

In a number of towns throughout the Orana region, temperatures will exceed 40 degrees, such as Coonamble on Friday where a maximum of 42 is expected while 39 is also forecast for Thursday.

In Cobar, tops of 41 degrees are forecast for Thursday and Friday, with Friday also having a minimum of 26 degrees.

Nyngan is expected to be the hottest centre in the region, with 41 and 43 degrees forecast for Thursday and Friday respectively.

In Dubbo and throughout the region, sunny conditions are expected all week with a five per cent chance of less than a millimetre of rain forecast for every day.

The hot and dry conditions should allow farmers to get back into harvest, after rain at the end of last week caused another delay.

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Parkes MP Mark Coulton says he would look at helping anyone needing a revolutionary device in diabetes care as a campaign continues for government funding.
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The Continuous Glucose Monitor is a new piece of technology that not only enables Type 1 diabetes sufferers to avoid finger pricks and constant checking of blood-sugar levels but also enhances their quality of life.

Campaigners say it would particularly help sufferers in remote areas to avoid potentially life-threatening situations in the absence of medical facilities and professionals.

But the monitor costs $5000 and Louisa Brooks, who has diabetes and went to school at Orange, and the Danii Meads-Barlow Foundation are lobbying regional MPs to support subsidies for it.

Mr Coulton said he was happy to hear from people and look at helping on a case-by-case basis.

He acknowledged there was “a large number of people with diabetes in society”.

“It is a battle for the government to keep up with technology,” he said.

“I remember five to six years ago helping a young man at Coolah access an insulin pump.

“Technology is evolving fast, sometimes it’s hard for the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) to keep up.

“This is very new, I imagine the health department is working their way through the process.”

Ms Brooks said the monitor had made a huge difference to her life.

“I had my first full night’s sleep in 21 years when I got the machine four months ago which means it was the first night’s sleep my parents had too,” she said.

“I was lucky that my parents could afford it.

“The Danii Foundation asked me to speak in parliament and push for the government tosubsidise such an initiative, so I am.”

Should the federal government come to the table, Type 1 sufferers in remote, outlying areas would be able to avoid potentially life-threatening situations in the absence of medical facilities and professionals.

“A farmer who is three hours from the nearest hospital will greatly benefit from the technology,” Ms Brooks said.

“People across the country need to be able to access this monitor and we hope Health Minister Sussan Ley will get on board especially since her electorate [Farrer] is also rural as well.

The Danii Foundation was founded by Donna Meads-Barlow, whose daughter Danii was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was only five.

Danii lived a full life but on November 8, 2011 she died at the age of 17 as a consequence of diabetes mellitus, going to bed and not waking up.

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SEASONED PROFESSIONAL: Mentor and judge Chris Isaak says Cyrus Villanueva is a talent in a league of his own, and hinted he’ll help the singer launch his career. Picture: Sylvia LiberWhen Cyrus Villanueva finished high school last year, he wasn’t sure where his life would lead or what career path he’d go down.
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One year after sitting his HSC exams life has drastically changed for the 19 year old from Dapto, who returned to his old stomping ground Kanahooka High School as a superstar on Wednesday.

He’s in a league of his own TweetFacebook X Factor grand finalist,” said Villanueva.

His former principal Chris Toohey was excited to host her humble pupil from yesteryear, his mentor Chris Isaak and a Prime7television film crew.

Hundreds of students lined the road into the school chanting “Cyrus”, holding home-made signs of support

“He’s a lovely young man, he’s got such a perfect nature about him, he’s very humble, he’s very talented, he’s a kid who started off singing in assemblies,” said Ms Toohey.

She said it was a testament to public education and an example of how“from little things big things come”.

Villanueva and his mentor also visited his old music teacher to say thank you, and give advice to up and coming students before jumping on the piano to show them how it’s done.

Currently bookies have him picked as hot favourite to win, and Isaak hopes he does.

He said he always had the talent but somewherealong the line the singer realised his potential.

“He had the pipes, he had the ability but about halfway through he looked around and realised hecould win this thing,” said Isaak. “This year I think we’ve got tremendous talent on the show and everybody comes up and does a great job, then Cyrus comes up and it’s like he’s in a different league.”

The judge admitted he worries about Villanueva more than he should, and is concerned about the aftermath of the competition “because life goes on”.

He agreed with Ms Toohey about the humbleness of the teen, that he’s everybody’s friend and always has time to help anybody.

“I hope he has a career, but he’s a nice guy. Backstage he’s a nice guy. So my feeling is he’s going to have a good life, he’s doing the right things. It’s not like he wants to get high and party,” he said.

Isaak suggested if Villanueva wasn’t crowned winner and lost out on the Sony Music recording contract he may step in to help him.

“I told him I said ‘you’ve got friends in show business you know me now, call me up,you got any questions, call me, call my manager’ – we like him. So I think he’s going to do ok.”

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TACKLE: Kalkee’s Zavier Hobbs in action for the HDFNL interleague side in 2015. Picture: PAUL CARRACHERA SHAKE-UP of interleague footy will see the Wimmera Football League and Horsham District Football and Netball League ranked alongside Victoria’s best competitions from 2016.
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The new rankings will include metro and country leagues in an effort to find Victoria’s topcompetition.

Once the rankings have been determined, the leagues will continue to take on the leagues above or below them on the ladder.

This will see them change rankings each year, depending on their performance.

The Sunraysia Football and Netball League will host the Wimmera league in 2016.

Horsham District league players will take on the Maryborough Castlemaine District Football and Netball League.

These games will provide the basis for their rankings in 2017.

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SHOCK, anger and a call for cool, rational thinking have been the responses after it was announced on Friday Inglewood was a possible site for a nuclear waste dump.
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The shock has come from residents who woke up to some “sensatonal” headlines on Saturday to anger from the Goondiwindi Regional Council after being literally woken up by newspapers wanting a comments about a possibility it knew nothing about, to a call for calm and information from Local Member, Lawrence Springborg.

Politicians, scientists and residents are meeting in Inglewood today which Mr Springborg hopes will answer many of the questions and conserns which have been raised over the past few days.

“From what I understand there’s no fait accompli and we have to take the seansationalism out of it,” he said yesterday.

Mr Springborg said the “emotinal reposnses” which came after the announcement was becausethere has been no information just “sensational headlines”.

“I take the view we need to get all the information so the community can make an informed decision.”

Whatever that decision was, Mr Springborg said he would support residents to the hilt.

However he also said the proposal could come with “significant economic benefits” to the region.

It’s why today’s forum plus other propsod meeting were so important.

Mr Springborg said the proposal was to store “ low-level radioactive medical waste” the majority of which is presently stored in many hospitals.

“We enjoy the benefits of low-level radioactive material in our everyday life, whether it be mobile phones or smoke alarms.

“More critically, I understand what is proposed to be stored in the final site is low-level radioactive material,” he said.

“This kind of material has been used for diagnostics and treatment of patients in medicine and assists thousands of Australians each year.”

On Friday Resources and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg announced a property in Oman Ama was on a shortlist to house nuclear waste material.

Goondiwindi Regional Council did not know Oman Ama was on the list.

GRC Mayor, Cr Scheu said he was “extremely disappointed with the process and communication that has surrounded this announcement”.

“I was woken this morning at 5.30am by media asking my thoughts on the proposal”.

“It was embarrassing to reply that you will have to wait until I get the papers to let you know.

“I don’t believe this was the best process as the last thing I want are residents making assumptions without the facts before them. I am certainly in no position to indicate Council’s support or otherwise until all the facts are on the table.

“Conversely, I would hate for the community of Inglewood to miss an opportunity should the site proposal stack up.

“We can’t jump to conclusions.

“Subsequently I have made a number of calls to Minister Frydenberg’s office and have arranged representatives and experts from the Minister’s office to attend a Public Consultation meeting in Inglewood (Today) at noon at the Inglewood Civic Centre.

Attending that meeting will be two officials from the department as well as a representative from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Federal Member for Maranoa Bruce Scott, Member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg and a senior advisor from Deputy Premier Jackie Trad’s office will be in attendance.

Any residents wishing to meet individually with these people can do so on Thursday from 9a.m.

The GRC is encouraging interested parties to reserve a time for appointments.

Appointments can be made by contacting the Goondiwindi Regional Council on 07 46717400 or email [email protected]论坛.

It is also proposed that a second round of consultations will be held in the second week of December and a third in late January or early February 2016 if required.

More information on the consultation period and site nomination process can be found at radioactivewaste.gov419论坛.

The application came from an individual property owner and not from Council.

The low to intermediate grade waste will be stored above ground.

Deputy-Mayor, Cr Rick Kearney said any decision should be based on “fact not fear”.

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