Greater Bendigo residents can dispose of theirgreenwastefor free at the Eaglehawk and Heathcote Landfills this coming weekend November 21 and 22.
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City of Greater Bendigo Director of Presentation and Assets Darren Fuzzard said this will be the fourth and final freegreenwastedisposal weekend for 2015.

“The previous freegreenwastedisposal weekend in October resulted in almost 1,400 vehicles dropping off a total of 184.22 tonnes ofgreenwasteat the landfill sites.

“We are having an overwhelming response to the freegreenwastedisposal weekends and are asking residents to be patient when dropping off theirgreenwasteat the Eaglehawk Landfill this coming weekend,” Fuzzard said.

He said the Greater Bendigo City Council is providing the freegreenwastedisposal weekends to encourage residents to clear their properties before the fire danger period arrives.

“We have already experienced some extremely hot Spring weather which has prompted early fire warnings and the time has come for residents to start thinking about the things we need to do to be prepared.

“Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this free opportunity to dispose of theirgreenwaste,” Fuzzardsaid.

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DROUGHT-BREAKERS: North Bendigo’s senior team that won the club’s first flag for 38 years by beating Leitchville-Gunbower. Picture: GLENN DANIELSNORTH Bendigo Football-Netball Club will celebrate its three premierships won this year with a players and supporters day later this month.
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The day will be held on Saturday, November 28, from 2pm at the Bulldogs’ Atkins Street social rooms.

The Bulldogs snapped a 38-year senior premiership drought this year when they beat Leitchville-Gunbower by 10 points in the Heathcote District Football League grand final.

North Bendigo also won its first under-17 flag for 38 years when it belted White Hills by 68 points.

And the club also claimed the B-grade premiership with a 32-25 victory over Mount Pleasant.

“As well as the the current players and supporters, all past players and supporters are encouraged to attend as a way of thanking them for their support and loyalty over the years,” North Bendigo’s Scott Pysing said.

“The 2015 premiership cups will be on hand for everyone to enjoy, and past premiership flags will also be on display.”

Other memorabilia on display will include the club’s six-foot original timekeepers bell from the 1950s, as well as photos of every senior best and fairest winner in the club’s 70-year history from Norm Phillips and Alan Stuchbery in 1946 to Brady Herdman in 2015.

The under-17 and senior football grand finals will be shown on a big screen throughout the day.

For more information, contact Pysing on0400 568 311.

Meanwhile, North Bendigo will hold its annual general meeting at its social rooms from 2pm on Sunday, November 29.

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CHANGES are afoot at Wingham Golf Club but secretary manager Gary Considine, who has been in the role for four months, is moving cautiously and with optimism.
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Gary brings 12 years’ experience as general manager of Springwood Country Club to the position, after relocating to Lake Cathie, with wife Kathy, for a sea change.

He thoroughly enjoys the daily commute from Lake Cathie to Wingham and back, as it allows him to get ready for the day on the way up, and switch off on the way back.

“I see it as a tool to de-think or re-think,” says Gary. “My wife says this is the most relaxed she’s seen me.”

The interior of the club is currently undergoing a facelift, with carpets and furnishings being replaced very soon, followed by a fresh lick of paint to the walls, which will be done by the club’s enormous volunteer base.

The volunteers are also responsible for raising the funds needed to renovate the club, by providing Saturday barbecues for members

“The volunteers here are magnificent,” Gary says. “I’ve had volunteers where I’ve worked before, but not to the level here. Over the years a lot of the stuff here has been done by volunteers.

“That’s why we have to make sure the amalgamation [with the Wingham Bowling Club] moves carefully and we think of every possible scenario.

“We can’t make a mistake, because there is so much history in both clubs.”

Another physical change set to take place is the relocation of the Golf Shop into the club building, which should be completed within two weeks.

Wingham Golf Club’s new secretary manager Gary Considine comes with 12 years’ experience of managing the Springwood Country Club in the Blue Mountains.

The empty shop will then be refurbished, with the club considering turning it into meeting room that they can hire out.

It could also be used for functions, an area which Gary is keen to develop. “We’re in the middle of improving the environment. Once that is finished, then we can start promoting functions,” Gary says.

Caddie’s Restaurant will be an important part of the function business.

The restaurant is now owned entirely by the club. It is no longer sub-contracted out, but is run by staff, who are employed by the club.

“We have to be very strongly aware of quality,” Gary says, citing it as a major reason for the move from sub-contractors to employed staff.

Gary has been instrumental in modernising the club with a new electronic scoring system and membership system, which he says will further streamline the business which is an ongoing process.

“We’re moving forward in that way which will lead to other developments. The members have taken to really quickly, and the volunteers are making it all work,” he says.

“I think they can see that long term it will make things easier for them.”

Wingham Golf Club features a beautifully maintained nine hole golf course with 18 tees.

It hosts a busy schedule of events to cater for all players.

Tuesdays sees the women competition players play 18 holes and veterans on Wednesdays nine hole social ambrose on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday is the nine hole ‘chook run’ stableford game with a men’s competition played on Saturday.

The club is one of the oldest in the area, and last year celebrated its 100th anniversary. The club has moved to five different sites around Wingham before settling in its current location in 1953.

Wingham Golf Club is open seven days a week, and Caddies Restaurant is open Tuesday to Sunday nights, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. The restaurant will be open on Christmas Day.

To contact Wingham Golf Club, call 6553 4761.

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SPECTACTULAR: Learn to use BeefSpecs and the new drafting tool to help meet market specifications at a Glen Innes beef field day next week. The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Northern Tablelands Local Land Services (LLS)will hold a beef field day at Glen Innes Agricultural Research Stationon November 26.
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DPI research officer Linda Cafe said the field day wasto teach producers about the latest research and tools used to predict better lean meat yield.

Dr Cafe said the DPI has been at the forefront of research in the field of muscling and lean meat yield for more than 20 years.

“The field day program will provide ways for beef producers to use the research outcomes and increase their business profitability,” she said.

Producers will learnhow to use the on-line tools – BeefSpecs and the new BeefSpecs drafting tool to help them to meet market specifications.

DPI research officer Carol Harris said Heritage Seeds would launch a new continental summer active tall fescue variety, named ‘Barnaby’.

“To help producers get the most out of their pastures the new variety ‘Barnaby’ was successfully bred by DPI at Glen Innes in collaboration with the Future Farm Industries Co-operative Research Centre,” Ms Harris said.

‘Barnaby’ was selected for improved persistence, a high yield potential, with more even seasonal growth, offering higher winter, early spring and autumn production than typically expected from a summer active tall fescue.

The field day will be held at Glen Innes Agricultural Research Station, 444 Strathbogie Roadon November 26 from 9am to 3.30pm.

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Do you remember the original Star Trek series?Screened initially in 1966, the sci-fi show was renowned for – besides dodgy sets and hammy acting – its messages of peace, equality and enlightenment.
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The ethnically diverse cast was ground-breaking in its make-up, as it included among others a Russian and an African-American woman at a time when the US was worried about the Cold War and African-Americans were struggling for equality.

Of course, for Gene Roddenberry, it was easy. To achieve peace on Earth in the Star Trek world, Roddenberry just had to add it to a script.

Likewise, he wanted a galaxy where a federation of evolved, enlightened beings benignly watched over the universe and kept the peace.

If only real life could be so easy.

If only half-an-hour’s concentrated banging about on a keyboard could ensure peace on Earth.

Perhaps then we wouldn’t see suicide bombers kill 43 people and wound 239 in Lebanon just hours before a co-ordinated series of attacks on Paris left 129 people dead and hundreds more injured, many critically.

These attacks followed closely on from the crash of a Russian aircraft, which is now thought to have been brought down by a bomb.

So why the Star Trek analogy? Because like most people, the current global unrest is breaking my heart.

Because like most people, I am wishing for world peace and enlightenment.

Because like most people, I don’t have a magic wand and I cannot do very much to change the state of the world.

We hear a lot about “slacktivism”, the new habit people have of commenting on a Facebook post, responding to a blog entry or adding their name to an online petition, but not doing much else to help a cause.

Some of the criticism is actually fair, but let’s not forget that for many people, adding that blue, white and red overlay to their Facebook signature is also an expression of grief for the ordinary people who have died.

There are some huge global issues at play. From the best way to deal with Islamic State to the future of Europe’s open border, world leaders are debating some huge issues.

And as the issues become bigger, the focus on the ordinary people – from Beirut to Paris and beyond – seems to blur and fall out of focus.

Ordinary people from a Beirut marketplace to a Parisian restaurant and concert hall have been murdered and their families have been left devastated.

So yes, it’s quite likely that a hefty number of social media users are posting and reposting memes overlays because it’s trending.

But surely it’s also likely many social media users are simply recognising that just as they have been going about their everyday lives, so were the people eating in a restaurant or cheering a well-placed boot in that France versus Germany friendly?

It is the very unremarkable nature of what the attack victims were doing that makes their deaths seem particularly horrific.

Perhaps instead of slacktivism, what we’re seeing could be acknowledgement that people going about their daily lives have been struck down and that it could just as easily be us.

The issues are huge and the death toll seems likely to continue climbing, and the world seems to be acknowledging that no one is beyond the reach of terrorism.

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TO put climate change in perspective we need to look at the Earth’s history and we find that it has a dynamic past of considerable change without any input from human intervention.
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Global warming has happened before and we get climate change every year.

However, what we should be concentrating on is human-generated pollution which can be seen and measured, but does not receive a fraction of the publicity global warming generates.

What is certain is the part humans play in generating global pollution.

We should be concentrating on an issue which directly affects our health and wellbeing and – combined with population increase – is becoming a nightmare.

Without corrective measures this could very well be the beginning of the end of the golden age of human development. There is nothing hypothetical or unproven about pollution.

What is lacking is the will to do something constructive.

– Neil Newton, Coal Point

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Hopeful: Comboyne dairy farmer Rod Fisher would like to see more hands-on interest from young people – and a better price for farmers.RodFisher was born into dairy farming life more than six decades ago, so he’s in a pretty good position to comment on the industry’s change of fortunes.
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The upbeat farmer says he’s been living in hope of a revival and is optimistic that Comboyne’s newfound Legendairy title will bring more attention to the plight of dairy farmers.

The 62-year-old would also like to see more hands-on interest from young people and a better price for farmers – he says an extra five centres per litre would ease local farmers’ concerns.

“Those who are left are getting older, but the bank tells me I can’t retire yet.

“Expenses keep going up, but the price per litre doesn’t really vary and doesn’t get to where it needs to be,” he said.

“We’re a fair way behind the eight ball in my view.”

While Mr Fisher has had great success and growth over the decades, he believes better prices are needed to sustain local farmers.

“We started off with 225 acres when dad bought the farm in 1950 and grew it to 900 acres,” he explained.

“We went from 40 to 300 cows, but have gone back to 200 because we’ve had a bit of a problem finding labour.”

Mr Fisher and wife Susan have two sons, aged in their mid-20s, who have forged their own careers as an electrical engineer and personal trainer.

“When I milk my last cow, I’m afraid it will be last cow ever milked here, which is a shame, but that’s probably how it’s going to be,” Mr Fisher said.

“The boys like the farm and don’t want to see it sold, but they don’t plan to return to milk the cows.

“Originally, there were 120 farmers supplying our local butter factory.

“We had 37 in 2000 when we were deregulated and now we’re down to 13, although we’re probably producing just as much milk because we’ve all expanded,” he said.

Thanks to Dairy Australia’s Legendairy campaign, the profile and reputation of dairy farming has had a shot in the arm.

Mr Fisher also sees potential in promoting dairying to local children.

“We have busloads of kids from Port Macquarie come to the farm,” he said.

“A lot of them have never been outside Port Macquarie and they think it’s fantastic.

“A farm is a really good place to raise kids.”

When Comboyne was crowned the Legendairy Capital of NSW, Mr Fisher said it was “a bit of a shock”, albeit a pleasant one.

“I was quite amazed,” he said.

“There are a lot of areas with more dairy farms than we’ve got, but dairy farming is really important for this community.

“It has kept Comboyne going for all these years.”

Like many, he hopes that tradition continues for a long time to come.

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On the mend: Timbertown Vet Hospital’s Alison Stuart with Sam, who was being treated for tick paralysis.Petowners should be on high alert for ticks at this time of year.
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According to Timbertown Vet Hospital’s Alison Stuart ticks can seriously impact our furry friends’ health and are very common in the Hastings’ warm climate and dense bushland.

With recent research revealing that 88 per cent of dog owners are either not using a tick control product or are not using it frequently enough, local pet owners are being urged to take action and educate themselves about the warning signs.

Some of the signs that may indicate that a pet is suffering from tick paralysis include: loss of coordination in the hind legs, not being able to stand up, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, difficulty or rapid breathing, change in bark or meow and excessive salivation.

The best way to protect your pet from ticks is through prevention.

Mrs Stuart said it’s important that pet owners search their pet’s coat daily, especially after long walks or when your pet has been exposed to bushland or long grass.

If you are applying preventative treatments, ensure it is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions – and remember that no treatment is 100 per cent reliable.

“Most importantly, you need to get your pet to a vet immediately if you see signs of tick paralysis,” Mrs Stuart said.

The three most common ticks found in NSW are the brown dog tick, the bush tick and the paralysis tick, which are spread across the state’s eastern coastal strip and inland for about 30 kilometres.

Of most concern is Ixodes holocyclus or the paralysis tick as it is commonly known.

Attaching themselves to cats or dogs easily as they explore, they start to feed on the pet and secrete a toxin that affects the nervous system.

If untreated, a bite from a paralysis tick can be fatal.

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Cute alert: This cuddly creature gets a check up from one of the Koala Hospital’s highly trained staff.Twolocal attractions have made it onto a bucket list of ‘100 things to do in NSW before you die’.
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Tour and attractions provider Experience Oz included the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and the Port Macquarie coastal walk on the state’s ultimate bucket list.

Ellenborough Falls and Lord Howe Island also rate mentions.

The list, which was compiled over several years, offers a great opportunity to highlight some of the lesser-known wonders of NSW for the local, regional and domestic tourism market to experience.

It is also designed to inspire people to “get outside the cities and explore”.

The coastal walk was listed due to it “encompassing a blend of river, beach and a lighthouse and also mixing in a dash of history with a range of plaques that detail past occurrences of the region”.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital “walks the line between providing both entertainment and conservation wonderfully”.

“This is a real animal experience without the glitz and glamour of a zoo; with a visit here, children in particular will come away with a new appreciation for the fragility and beauty of this Aussie animal icon,” the bucket list said.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital media coordinator Mick Feeney said he was not surprised about the koala hospital’s inclusion on the bucket list. “It has become known, not just within NSW and Australia, but around the world, because of the fact it was the first koala hospital on the planet,” he said.

The full list can be seen at https://news.experienceoz南京夜网419论坛/nsw-bucketlist.

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ISAAK: Chris Isaak comes to Sirromet, Mount Cotton on April 10, 2016.Grammy-nominated Californian crooner Chris Isaak will take to the a day on the green stage for the first time since 2006, coming to Sirromet Wines, Mount Cotton on Sunday,April 10. Isaak will be joined by James Reyne, Richard Clapton and Thirsty Merc.
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Isaak’sis currently a judge on The X Factor Australia, boasts an unparalleled 11 ARIA top 20 albums across his 30-year career, and has sold upwards of a million albums in Australia alone.

Three of his albums – Forever Blue, Wicked Game and The Best Of – boast Australian sales of over triple platinum accreditation, and latest release First Comes The Night (Universal Music) is set to follow, debuting at number twoon the ARIA Album Chart. The 12-track release is Isaak’s 13th studio album and is his first album of original songs in six years.

It is filled with Isaak’s signature soul, emotion and enduring sound.

For more than three decades, Reyne’s songs have been the sound of the Australian summer, selling in excess of two million albums in the process. Audiences will be treated to hits including Reckless, Boys Light Upand Motor’s Too Fast,together for the first time on his forthcoming album All The Hits – Live(Liberation Music).

Richard Clapton has endeared himself to music-lovers everywhere through his heartfelt inspired performances and a songbook that defines our times. With hits like Girls On The Avenue, Deep Water, Capricorn Dancerand I Am An Island, the ARIA Hall of Famer is a stellar addition to the line-up.

Thirsty Merc released its first album Shifting Gearsin September. With the new songs being well received by fans and their classic radio staples 20 Good Reasons, Someday Somedayand In The Summertime, Thirsty Merc is back on the road.

A day on the green is a fully licensed event with strictly no BYO alcohol. Food will be available on site or BYO picnic. Deck chairs and picnic rugs are recommended. Tickets are:platinum $199.90, gold $159.90, silver $129.90 and general admission $105.90, plus booking fees.

For all transport, accommodation and event information, go toadayonthegreen南京夜网419论坛.

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