Happy farmers
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THE farmers should be feeling happy about the rain we’ve had during the past week. The dams are looking much fuller and creeks and rivers are flowing more freely than they have for a while. The lawn-mowing services must be happy, also, as the grass is looking much thicker and growing very well and those who depend on tank water must be content, too, with a good to-up to their water supplies.

Something to think about

OF course the rain helps all ground cover to grow along with the scrub and the trees in the bush areas which increases the risk of bush and grass fires with the hotter months yet to come. I must say I was very pleased to read the Chronicle’s spread on preparations and advice for the upcoming summer months last week. It mentioned the use of swimming pools as static water supplies which can be the difference between saving a home and losing it to a fire. I assume that everyone would agree it’s easier and cheaper to refill even an in-ground pool than rebuild your home despite top of the range insurance.

With this in mind I am going to suggest that it might be sensible for those on larger holdings to have a sketch of their property with all dams, streams, water-holding gullies and the river (if applicable), etc marked on it which they could provide to the fire brigades in the area so time, which is of the essence to fire-fighters, is not wasted searching or travelling longer distances to water supplies they know of when they need water in a hurry either to save your stock and other property or your neighbours.

The AIDER service is a service which the RFS has in place to assist those who are unable for whatever reason to prepare their property for the bushfire season. Maybe it’s time to think how the public can provide a way to assist these volunteers when they need it in return. It is not always possible for your local brigade to attend a fire in your area as the members could be out somewhere else assisting with a fire so even if your local members know your property and where to go for water a visiting brigade would not. Think about this and make a map, even if you refuse to give a copy to the RFS brigades out of your area to keep, it could save your property, your neighbour’s property or even someone’s life in a crisis situation. Imagine how much relief it would be if Fire Comm. could just tell a brigade to call at the house or, if you’ve vacated the property, where they can lay hands on “a mud map” of your property which can help them do a quicker job of putting out a threatening blaze.

Vale Cliffy

I was saddened to hear of the passing of the last surviving male member of one of the pioneering families of the Cundle Flat area, Clifton (Cliffy) Smith on Friday, November 6. His funeral service was held on the following Monday , November 10 at 9.30am in Wingham.

Cliffy resided at Wingham Court at the time of his passing and had reached the 80th year of his life. He is survived by his sister, Valma and his two sisters-in law, Gwen and Margaret, are still with us. He had five nieces and a nephew, also, along with their respective families who will miss him in the coming years, I’m sure. To his remaining family and his friends we all send condolences on his passing and hope they have many happy memories to keep of times spent with him over his lifetime.

Birthday round-up

THE first name on my list this week is Mitchell Smith who mightn’t feel much like celebrating yet. He is joined by David Dick, Hunter Barbour and George Cassar.

All their family members and friends send best wishes for their birthdays and wish them well in the coming year. It is hoped the weather gods are kind to any of them who are having outside celebrations for their special days. With the age range I’d say the celebrations will be rather varied in format.

Happy anniversary wishes are sent out to Sue and Bob McKay this week. All your friends from Mt George wish you both health and happiness for another year and hope to be able to send the same wishes to you next year. Have a wonderful day.

School of Arts Reserve Trust invitation

THERE will be a children’s Christmas party held at the community hall on Saturday, November 28 commencing at 10am. I would think most of you would have noticed the signs along Nowendoc Road by now. All community members are invited to come along and help the children celebrate.

There will be games and prizes for the children and a visit from Father Christmas. A hamper raffle will be held and there will also be a sausage sizzle where you can buy a sausage sandwich ($2) and a can of soft drink ($2) so mum doesn’t have to cook lunch when you get back home.

The community markets are being held the same day so while someone else keeps the youngsters entertained mum and/or dad can browse among the stalls and look for a bargain without the usual “Can I have ?..?” or “How much longer are we going to be here?” Who knows, you just might find that one elusive gift you need for a hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list while the youngsters are happily engaged elsewhere.

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THE Men4Life (M4L) James Bond Spectre movie fundraiser on Thursday night at the Nowra Roxy was a smashing success.
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The event was a sell out,thanks to the event organiser M4L secretary Jason D Cox.

Before the screening of the James Bond movie the audience was entertained with a fun auction and lucky door prize give always.

It was great to see so many dress up for the theme of James Bond with the winners of the fancy dress going to Phil and Wendy Reid.

The night was also a opportunity for M4L support group to celebrate eleven years of supporting men in the Shoalhaven.

All proceeds from the night go a long way with assisting with the support group’s weekly meetings and Reconnect Camps, as M4L are unfunded and rely on community support.

The night was such a fun and successful event and we look forward to doing it again next year.

At the Men 4 Life (M4L) movie fundraiser are Jason D Cox (M4L Secretary), Mark Wilson, Michael Bett (M4L Vice) and David Simister (M4L President).

Jason D Cox and Greg Mcleod (Nowra Rotary) enjoy themselves at the Jame Bond movie night.

Helena Simister, David Simister (M4L President), Mr Fitzgerald, Tony Fitzgerald, Jenny Woods at the James Bond movie night.

Phil and Wendy Reid are the James Bong movie night’s fancy dress winners.

Having a great night at the James Bond movie night are David Simister, Peter Hallett, Rob Cooke (M4L treasurer).

Veronica Jane Terrassin, Jeanmarie Andrews and Lizzy Pie are set for a great night at the movies.

Jason D Cox and Phil Reid ready to go the flicks

Jason D Cox and Tony Fitzgerald ham it up at the James Bong movie night.

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Surf Report with John Veage Early morning gold.Picture John Veage
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Dawn cracks the line.Picture John Veage

My (Greg Nash’s) G&S at the Alley.Picture John Veage

Wet for the first time in 20 years.Picture John Veage

Set out the back.Picture John Veage

Sneaky bank near the rock pool.Picture John Veage

Fish fingerling throwing his arms like his old man.Picture John Veage


Hasnt got her hair wet yet.Picture John Veage

Ankle high-swellnet got it right.Picture John Veage

Cruz Mckee-ripping it up.Picture John Veage

This is what the beack looks like.Picture John Veage

“Back in my day”.Picture John Veage

Damien Hardman (North Narrabeen) missed out.Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Layne Beachley (Freshwater).Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

sneaky old salt -Russel Molony (North Shelly) Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Volcom team rider Kyuss King taking to the sky(Picture:Christie)

Destination Tweed -DanSinclair.Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Kelia Moniz two-time World Longboard Champion headbutted the deck. Picture: WSL/Will H-S

This is a woman! Picture Tim McKenna

Escondido in all its glory-Pedro Calado.Picture Daniel Nava

The paddle out is a bit hard-Nazare.Picture Helio Antonio

mySURF.tv host Ronnie Blakey chats with Billabong Team Rider Felicity Palmateer on set. Picture Surfing Australia / Nikon

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TO put climate change in perspective we need to look at the Earth’s history and we find that it has a dynamic past of considerable change without any input from human intervention.
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Global warming has happened before and we get climate change every year.

However, what we should be concentrating on is human-generated pollution which can be seen and measured, but does not receive a fraction of the publicity global warming generates.

What is certain is the part humans play in generating global pollution.

We should be concentrating on an issue which directly affects our health and wellbeing and – combined with population increase – is becoming a nightmare.

Without corrective measures this could very well be the beginning of the end of the golden age of human development. There is nothing hypothetical or unproven about pollution.

What is lacking is the will to do something constructive.

– Neil Newton, Coal Point

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Hopeful: Comboyne dairy farmer Rod Fisher would like to see more hands-on interest from young people – and a better price for farmers.RodFisher was born into dairy farming life more than six decades ago, so he’s in a pretty good position to comment on the industry’s change of fortunes.
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The upbeat farmer says he’s been living in hope of a revival and is optimistic that Comboyne’s newfound Legendairy title will bring more attention to the plight of dairy farmers.

The 62-year-old would also like to see more hands-on interest from young people and a better price for farmers – he says an extra five centres per litre would ease local farmers’ concerns.

“Those who are left are getting older, but the bank tells me I can’t retire yet.

“Expenses keep going up, but the price per litre doesn’t really vary and doesn’t get to where it needs to be,” he said.

“We’re a fair way behind the eight ball in my view.”

While Mr Fisher has had great success and growth over the decades, he believes better prices are needed to sustain local farmers.

“We started off with 225 acres when dad bought the farm in 1950 and grew it to 900 acres,” he explained.

“We went from 40 to 300 cows, but have gone back to 200 because we’ve had a bit of a problem finding labour.”

Mr Fisher and wife Susan have two sons, aged in their mid-20s, who have forged their own careers as an electrical engineer and personal trainer.

“When I milk my last cow, I’m afraid it will be last cow ever milked here, which is a shame, but that’s probably how it’s going to be,” Mr Fisher said.

“The boys like the farm and don’t want to see it sold, but they don’t plan to return to milk the cows.

“Originally, there were 120 farmers supplying our local butter factory.

“We had 37 in 2000 when we were deregulated and now we’re down to 13, although we’re probably producing just as much milk because we’ve all expanded,” he said.

Thanks to Dairy Australia’s Legendairy campaign, the profile and reputation of dairy farming has had a shot in the arm.

Mr Fisher also sees potential in promoting dairying to local children.

“We have busloads of kids from Port Macquarie come to the farm,” he said.

“A lot of them have never been outside Port Macquarie and they think it’s fantastic.

“A farm is a really good place to raise kids.”

When Comboyne was crowned the Legendairy Capital of NSW, Mr Fisher said it was “a bit of a shock”, albeit a pleasant one.

“I was quite amazed,” he said.

“There are a lot of areas with more dairy farms than we’ve got, but dairy farming is really important for this community.

“It has kept Comboyne going for all these years.”

Like many, he hopes that tradition continues for a long time to come.

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On the mend: Timbertown Vet Hospital’s Alison Stuart with Sam, who was being treated for tick paralysis.Petowners should be on high alert for ticks at this time of year.
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According to Timbertown Vet Hospital’s Alison Stuart ticks can seriously impact our furry friends’ health and are very common in the Hastings’ warm climate and dense bushland.

With recent research revealing that 88 per cent of dog owners are either not using a tick control product or are not using it frequently enough, local pet owners are being urged to take action and educate themselves about the warning signs.

Some of the signs that may indicate that a pet is suffering from tick paralysis include: loss of coordination in the hind legs, not being able to stand up, vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, difficulty or rapid breathing, change in bark or meow and excessive salivation.

The best way to protect your pet from ticks is through prevention.

Mrs Stuart said it’s important that pet owners search their pet’s coat daily, especially after long walks or when your pet has been exposed to bushland or long grass.

If you are applying preventative treatments, ensure it is applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions – and remember that no treatment is 100 per cent reliable.

“Most importantly, you need to get your pet to a vet immediately if you see signs of tick paralysis,” Mrs Stuart said.

The three most common ticks found in NSW are the brown dog tick, the bush tick and the paralysis tick, which are spread across the state’s eastern coastal strip and inland for about 30 kilometres.

Of most concern is Ixodes holocyclus or the paralysis tick as it is commonly known.

Attaching themselves to cats or dogs easily as they explore, they start to feed on the pet and secrete a toxin that affects the nervous system.

If untreated, a bite from a paralysis tick can be fatal.

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Cute alert: This cuddly creature gets a check up from one of the Koala Hospital’s highly trained staff.Twolocal attractions have made it onto a bucket list of ‘100 things to do in NSW before you die’.
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Tour and attractions provider Experience Oz included the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and the Port Macquarie coastal walk on the state’s ultimate bucket list.

Ellenborough Falls and Lord Howe Island also rate mentions.

The list, which was compiled over several years, offers a great opportunity to highlight some of the lesser-known wonders of NSW for the local, regional and domestic tourism market to experience.

It is also designed to inspire people to “get outside the cities and explore”.

The coastal walk was listed due to it “encompassing a blend of river, beach and a lighthouse and also mixing in a dash of history with a range of plaques that detail past occurrences of the region”.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital “walks the line between providing both entertainment and conservation wonderfully”.

“This is a real animal experience without the glitz and glamour of a zoo; with a visit here, children in particular will come away with a new appreciation for the fragility and beauty of this Aussie animal icon,” the bucket list said.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital media coordinator Mick Feeney said he was not surprised about the koala hospital’s inclusion on the bucket list. “It has become known, not just within NSW and Australia, but around the world, because of the fact it was the first koala hospital on the planet,” he said.

The full list can be seen at https://news.experienceoz南京夜网419论坛/nsw-bucketlist.

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ISAAK: Chris Isaak comes to Sirromet, Mount Cotton on April 10, 2016.Grammy-nominated Californian crooner Chris Isaak will take to the a day on the green stage for the first time since 2006, coming to Sirromet Wines, Mount Cotton on Sunday,April 10. Isaak will be joined by James Reyne, Richard Clapton and Thirsty Merc.
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Isaak’sis currently a judge on The X Factor Australia, boasts an unparalleled 11 ARIA top 20 albums across his 30-year career, and has sold upwards of a million albums in Australia alone.

Three of his albums – Forever Blue, Wicked Game and The Best Of – boast Australian sales of over triple platinum accreditation, and latest release First Comes The Night (Universal Music) is set to follow, debuting at number twoon the ARIA Album Chart. The 12-track release is Isaak’s 13th studio album and is his first album of original songs in six years.

It is filled with Isaak’s signature soul, emotion and enduring sound.

For more than three decades, Reyne’s songs have been the sound of the Australian summer, selling in excess of two million albums in the process. Audiences will be treated to hits including Reckless, Boys Light Upand Motor’s Too Fast,together for the first time on his forthcoming album All The Hits – Live(Liberation Music).

Richard Clapton has endeared himself to music-lovers everywhere through his heartfelt inspired performances and a songbook that defines our times. With hits like Girls On The Avenue, Deep Water, Capricorn Dancerand I Am An Island, the ARIA Hall of Famer is a stellar addition to the line-up.

Thirsty Merc released its first album Shifting Gearsin September. With the new songs being well received by fans and their classic radio staples 20 Good Reasons, Someday Somedayand In The Summertime, Thirsty Merc is back on the road.

A day on the green is a fully licensed event with strictly no BYO alcohol. Food will be available on site or BYO picnic. Deck chairs and picnic rugs are recommended. Tickets are:platinum $199.90, gold $159.90, silver $129.90 and general admission $105.90, plus booking fees.

For all transport, accommodation and event information, go toadayonthegreen南京夜网419论坛.

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OUT: Stephen O’Keefe celebrates his first wicket for Australia in Dubai in October, 2014. Picture: Ryan Pierse, Getty ImagesFormer Hawkesbury cricketer Stephen O’Keefe has been named in a 13-man Australian squad for the third test against New Zealand.
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The test, which will begin no November 27 in Adelaide, will be the first ever day-night test match.

O’Keefe claims five wickets for NSW | November 17.

O’Keefe has been included in the squad because of uncertainty over the condition of the Adelaide pitch, and the fact he has been in fine form in the day-night Sheffield Shield matches.

The day-night test match will feature a pink, rather than a red ball, which has been the cause of some controversy.

Fellow former Hawkesbury player John Hastings said last month the pink ball made cricket boring.

Chairman of Australian selectors Rod Marsh said O’Keefe had been named in the squad to cover all bases.

“We have opted to include an extra spinner in the squad for Adelaide as we are unsure what conditions we will see there,”he said.

“Stephen was included in our squad that was to go to Bangladesh and if he should get an opportunity we think he will make the most of it.”

O’Keefe played his only test match last year against Pakistan, where he took four wickets.

He has taken seven wickets in three games during the Sheffield Shield season, although one of those games was called off before he had a chance to bowl a ball.

O’Keefe has been on the verge of Australian selection for some time, but Nathan Lyon has an ironclad grip on the spinner’s spot in the test team.

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Market fan Mayor Lindsay Brown with produce and SAGE’s Stuart Whitelaw.
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After more than a year and around 100 hours of volunteer effort, SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening Eurobodalla)has released a reportit says shows the local economic development impacts of its successful farmers market.

Thebottom line oftheSAGE Farmers Market Economic Impact Study 2014-2015is taking mostby surprise, but not themarketcommittee and chairman Stuart Whitelaw.

“The market’s managing committee knew that the market was generating serious economic activity. We could see that it was making a big difference to the lives of people growing food around here,” Mr Whitelaw said.”When you talk to some councillors or read important policy shaping documents published by council, the local food economy just isn’t on their radar as a serious consideration.

“SAGE is working hard on a number of fronts to change that, but we needed something that could quantify the impact of growing and selling food locally. We needed to be able to speak the language of policy makers.”

After surveying customers at four markets over 12 months, it was revealed that shoppers spend $1,769,000 annually at theSAGEFarmers Market.Additionally, customers were asked if they intended to shop elsewhere in Moruya that day.

Almost 75 per centof shoppers indicated they also shopped elsewhere, spending $1,459,000 annually.The study also obtained qualitative data from businesses in Moruya, with almost 70 per centof survey responses indicating they believed the market has a positive impact.

TheSAGEFarmers Market adheres to the best practice guidelines of theAustralian Farmers’ Markets Association, requiring eachstall holder is inspected socustomers can be confident that what they are buying is grown, harvested or made by the person they’re buying it from.

“The MoruyaSAGEFarmers Market is a shining example of the immense power of authentic well-managed farmers markets to grow local economies, and showcase regional agriculture and food production,”said Jane Adams, spokesperson for the Australian Farmers’ Markets Association, adding that other markets would use the study data.The full report isavailable for downloador [email protected]论坛

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Multiple fires are burning near Esperance in Western Australia and arebelieved to have been started by lightning strikes.The fire that started near North Cascade is currently one of the most severe. It is now at Grass Patch and Salmon Gums areas. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services warnsit isunpredictable withflames burning up to two metres high.Incredible pics out of #Esperance right now. @R_H_Chandler joins us live @ 5.30 with the latest details #WAfirespic.twitter南京夜网/NGQ07sg8Uh
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— Anne-Maree Leonard (@amleonardGWN7) November 17, 2015Four people have died in thefires in the Grass Patch and Salmon Gums areas overnight and the death toll is feared to increase. Two women and two men were killed and are believed to have been in their cars trying to escape the blaze.An emergency worker said the Salmon Gums blaze was the worst he had ever seen.”The wind and weather conditions … there was no stopping it,” he told the ABC.This thing is a monster and nothing we can do to stop it. A sick feeling leaving this place #Esperance#bushfirepic.twitter南京夜网/V0LW7B5bdM

— Colin de Grussa (@colbio) November 17, 2015An emergency warning is in placeinGrass Patch, Salmon Gums, Merivaleand surrounding areas in the Shire of Esperance.More than 300 people have been evacuated.Bye to the farm as we’ve been told to evacuate good luck to all #Esperance#bushfirespic.twitter南京夜网/Yz9wcnjqpt

— Colin de Grussa (@colbio) November 17, 2015Weather conditions are exacerbating the fires.Australia isentering a three-dayheatwave, with temperatures across the country expected to hit 40-degrees. Source: Bureau of Meterology.

Very hot air from north-west of Western Australia is moving south, elevating fire conditions. Winds are expected to change the direction of the fires.Smoke from #WAfires being carried across SE SA and SW Vic by mid-level winds. pic.twitter南京夜网/0RpQZ0UEj9

— Andrew Miskelly (@andrewmiskelly) November 18, 2015Around300,000 hectares have been burned in the North Cascadebushfire, reports WA Today.

The DFES is warningpeople not to leave it too late to evacuate.

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AustraliaPost is encouraging children across the Hastings to post their Santa mail nice and early to ensure the jolly man in the big red suit has time to reply before he packs up his sleigh.
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More than 100,000 letters from young Australians were sent to the North Pole last year.

With Christmas fast approaching, Australia Post is again preparing to deliver thousands of letters to Santa.

To ensure Santa reads and responds to children’s letters, simply put your wish lists in the post addressed to Santa, North Pole, 9999.

Be sure to clearly write your child’s full name and address, along with a stamped envelope so Santa knows where to send his reply.

If children get stuck or need help with writing their letter, Australia Post has tips on their website, as well as decorative letter writing templates you can print from home.

Letters mailed before Christmas will receive a response direct from the North Pole.

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IT would be interesting to learn on what basis the Southlake Business Chamber and Community Alliance envisages a potential 170 jobs being generated by the proposed M1 service centres (“Muted reply to M1 plan”, Lakes Mail, November 12) as being a plus for the area, considering two factors.
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Firstly, there are only 20 staff parking spaces shown on the plans; and secondly, employers cannot recruit staff based on applicants’ residential addresses.

As to increased price competition, the community was assured of this benefit with the opening of the Caltex outlet at the Morisset Gateway.

We’re still waiting for price competition in Morisset despite a further increase in the number of fuel outlets, which is why I drive to Freemans Waterhole for my fuel.

If anyone thinks prices at more M1 service stations -which will undoubedtly be operated by one of the big players – will be competitive, I suggest they monitor prices at the existing twin service stations.

– J Graham, Cooranbong

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