Happy farmers
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THE farmers should be feeling happy about the rain we’ve had during the past week. The dams are looking much fuller and creeks and rivers are flowing more freely than they have for a while. The lawn-mowing services must be happy, also, as the grass is looking much thicker and growing very well and those who depend on tank water must be content, too, with a good to-up to their water supplies.

Something to think about

OF course the rain helps all ground cover to grow along with the scrub and the trees in the bush areas which increases the risk of bush and grass fires with the hotter months yet to come. I must say I was very pleased to read the Chronicle’s spread on preparations and advice for the upcoming summer months last week. It mentioned the use of swimming pools as static water supplies which can be the difference between saving a home and losing it to a fire. I assume that everyone would agree it’s easier and cheaper to refill even an in-ground pool than rebuild your home despite top of the range insurance.

With this in mind I am going to suggest that it might be sensible for those on larger holdings to have a sketch of their property with all dams, streams, water-holding gullies and the river (if applicable), etc marked on it which they could provide to the fire brigades in the area so time, which is of the essence to fire-fighters, is not wasted searching or travelling longer distances to water supplies they know of when they need water in a hurry either to save your stock and other property or your neighbours.

The AIDER service is a service which the RFS has in place to assist those who are unable for whatever reason to prepare their property for the bushfire season. Maybe it’s time to think how the public can provide a way to assist these volunteers when they need it in return. It is not always possible for your local brigade to attend a fire in your area as the members could be out somewhere else assisting with a fire so even if your local members know your property and where to go for water a visiting brigade would not. Think about this and make a map, even if you refuse to give a copy to the RFS brigades out of your area to keep, it could save your property, your neighbour’s property or even someone’s life in a crisis situation. Imagine how much relief it would be if Fire Comm. could just tell a brigade to call at the house or, if you’ve vacated the property, where they can lay hands on “a mud map” of your property which can help them do a quicker job of putting out a threatening blaze.

Vale Cliffy

I was saddened to hear of the passing of the last surviving male member of one of the pioneering families of the Cundle Flat area, Clifton (Cliffy) Smith on Friday, November 6. His funeral service was held on the following Monday , November 10 at 9.30am in Wingham.

Cliffy resided at Wingham Court at the time of his passing and had reached the 80th year of his life. He is survived by his sister, Valma and his two sisters-in law, Gwen and Margaret, are still with us. He had five nieces and a nephew, also, along with their respective families who will miss him in the coming years, I’m sure. To his remaining family and his friends we all send condolences on his passing and hope they have many happy memories to keep of times spent with him over his lifetime.

Birthday round-up

THE first name on my list this week is Mitchell Smith who mightn’t feel much like celebrating yet. He is joined by David Dick, Hunter Barbour and George Cassar.

All their family members and friends send best wishes for their birthdays and wish them well in the coming year. It is hoped the weather gods are kind to any of them who are having outside celebrations for their special days. With the age range I’d say the celebrations will be rather varied in format.

Happy anniversary wishes are sent out to Sue and Bob McKay this week. All your friends from Mt George wish you both health and happiness for another year and hope to be able to send the same wishes to you next year. Have a wonderful day.

School of Arts Reserve Trust invitation

THERE will be a children’s Christmas party held at the community hall on Saturday, November 28 commencing at 10am. I would think most of you would have noticed the signs along Nowendoc Road by now. All community members are invited to come along and help the children celebrate.

There will be games and prizes for the children and a visit from Father Christmas. A hamper raffle will be held and there will also be a sausage sizzle where you can buy a sausage sandwich ($2) and a can of soft drink ($2) so mum doesn’t have to cook lunch when you get back home.

The community markets are being held the same day so while someone else keeps the youngsters entertained mum and/or dad can browse among the stalls and look for a bargain without the usual “Can I have ?..?” or “How much longer are we going to be here?” Who knows, you just might find that one elusive gift you need for a hard-to-buy-for person on your Christmas list while the youngsters are happily engaged elsewhere.

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THE Men4Life (M4L) James Bond Spectre movie fundraiser on Thursday night at the Nowra Roxy was a smashing success.
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The event was a sell out,thanks to the event organiser M4L secretary Jason D Cox.

Before the screening of the James Bond movie the audience was entertained with a fun auction and lucky door prize give always.

It was great to see so many dress up for the theme of James Bond with the winners of the fancy dress going to Phil and Wendy Reid.

The night was also a opportunity for M4L support group to celebrate eleven years of supporting men in the Shoalhaven.

All proceeds from the night go a long way with assisting with the support group’s weekly meetings and Reconnect Camps, as M4L are unfunded and rely on community support.

The night was such a fun and successful event and we look forward to doing it again next year.

At the Men 4 Life (M4L) movie fundraiser are Jason D Cox (M4L Secretary), Mark Wilson, Michael Bett (M4L Vice) and David Simister (M4L President).

Jason D Cox and Greg Mcleod (Nowra Rotary) enjoy themselves at the Jame Bond movie night.

Helena Simister, David Simister (M4L President), Mr Fitzgerald, Tony Fitzgerald, Jenny Woods at the James Bond movie night.

Phil and Wendy Reid are the James Bong movie night’s fancy dress winners.

Having a great night at the James Bond movie night are David Simister, Peter Hallett, Rob Cooke (M4L treasurer).

Veronica Jane Terrassin, Jeanmarie Andrews and Lizzy Pie are set for a great night at the movies.

Jason D Cox and Phil Reid ready to go the flicks

Jason D Cox and Tony Fitzgerald ham it up at the James Bong movie night.

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Surf Report with John Veage Early morning gold.Picture John Veage
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Dawn cracks the line.Picture John Veage

My (Greg Nash’s) G&S at the Alley.Picture John Veage

Wet for the first time in 20 years.Picture John Veage

Set out the back.Picture John Veage

Sneaky bank near the rock pool.Picture John Veage

Fish fingerling throwing his arms like his old man.Picture John Veage


Hasnt got her hair wet yet.Picture John Veage

Ankle high-swellnet got it right.Picture John Veage

Cruz Mckee-ripping it up.Picture John Veage

This is what the beack looks like.Picture John Veage

“Back in my day”.Picture John Veage

Damien Hardman (North Narrabeen) missed out.Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Layne Beachley (Freshwater).Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

sneaky old salt -Russel Molony (North Shelly) Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Volcom team rider Kyuss King taking to the sky(Picture:Christie)

Destination Tweed -DanSinclair.Picture Ethan Smith / Surfing NSW

Kelia Moniz two-time World Longboard Champion headbutted the deck. Picture: WSL/Will H-S

This is a woman! Picture Tim McKenna

Escondido in all its glory-Pedro Calado.Picture Daniel Nava

The paddle out is a bit hard-Nazare.Picture Helio Antonio

mySURF.tv host Ronnie Blakey chats with Billabong Team Rider Felicity Palmateer on set. Picture Surfing Australia / Nikon

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Community members opposed to local council mergers are being called on to join a rally against forced amalgamations outside the NSW Parliament on Wednesday.
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The rally organisers say the protest is to make it clear that if the government doesn’t listen and sacks or forces local councils to amalgamate “we will remember them” at the next ballot box.

In a statement the Cabonne Amalgamation No Thank You (ANTY) group said it had been drawn to its attention that the NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton recently “infuriated her ministerial colleagues and undermined Premier Mike Baird” when she told cheering locals at an anti-amalgamations rally that Woollahra Council should not be merged and that “small can be effective”.

ANTY spokesperson Marj Bollinger said Ms Upton reportedly told the Hands Off Our Council rally in Double Bay, “I believe there is no perfect size for a council and what works here may not work for those that are three streets to our south. I do believe small can be effective. Let me be clear about my position on this issue – my position is that Woollahra Council should not be merged with other councils if it has the community support and the numbers stack up,” she said.

Unlike Member for Orange Andrew Gee who has stood firm in support of the community he represents. Ms Upton has backtracked on her stance and said she supports the government’s position.

“The NSW government has now received and responded to the IPART report, and the Attorney-General supports that position,” Ms Upton’s spokesman reportedly said

It is understood Wellington and Cabonne councils (which both reaffirmed their decisions to stand alone in their extraordinary meetings) felt limited by the 50 words they were allowed to respond to the IPART recommendation with.

Wellington Council even sent extra attachments with their response and to Deputy Premier Troy Grant, who mayor Anne Jones said had refused to return her calls.

“It is situations like this that have people who vote, angry that their local members place far more importance in securing their party pre selection at the next election than standing up for their constituents and doing what they themselves believe is morally right,” Mrs Bollinger said

“That is why anti amalgamation groups state wide are encouraging people to join in a rally in front of Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney at mid day on Wednesday 18th November to make it clear that if the government doesn’t listen and sacks or forces local councils to amalgamate ‘we will remember them’ at the next ballot box’.”

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Narromine Shire Council is leaving the merger box blank in its IPART feedback form, according to mayor Bill McAnally.
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The shire is maintaining its stand-alone stance after comprehensive meetings, discussions and public forums.

Cr McAnally isn’t concerned, even after a letter from the premier Mike Baird and Minister for Local Government Paul Toole sent out a letter last week, asking councils to consider mergers.

“Councils that have demonstrated an ability to work together in reaching agreement to merge will have the opportunity to shape the future of the new council and serve the community until the end of their current term,” the letter reads.

Bill McAnally, Narromine Shire Mayor. “It’s like we’ve had three medicals and we’ve come out healthy, except on scale and capacity,”

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PODCAST:It’s been 30 years since the release of these classic and iconic films. What makes them so good today?
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Leave us a comment below andclick here to subscribe to the podcastin iTunes.

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Not to be rushed: Simon Coote and Nisa Schebella checking out the Oceanic Victor project at the meeting on Monday, November 16. More than 60 people attended.
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Caution was the key word at a meeting in Victor Harbor on the Oceanic Victor in-sea aquarium proposal for Granite Island.

More than 60 people attended and most were concerned about the proposal that will include swimming with tuna in an in-sea aquarium in the waters off Granite Island.One comment which summed up the mood of the gathering was the “in-sea aquarium would be one giant burly bucket.”

Attendees were involved in aquatic organisations such as diving, school swimming, sailing, paddling andsurfing and there were a number of concerns raised about the project.

They included environmental concerns, the attraction of sharks around the nets, the proposal is hasty and being rushed through, restrictions of sailing events with the location of the in-sea aquarium, a poor business model due to poor water visibility and the expense to visit the in-sea aquarium.

The in-sea aquarium is currently located at Port Lincoln and if the project is approved it will be towed to Granite Island.The directors of Oceanic Victor are Mike Dyer and Tony Santic.

Beach guardian and one of the organisers of the night Nisa Schebella said they wanted to gauge from the community who is going to be impacted by the project.

“We want the facts and we want to be clear about the process,” Nisa said.

“We do not want to be seen as negative, but certain development is not what Victor is.

“My vision for Victor is a place which is pristine, where we can surf, swim and see the whales. Tuna is not what Victor is.”

Currently the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) hasre-opened submissions on the project.

Submissions close on November 26, and town plannerSimon Coote and David Cooneywill be at the Victor Harbor Yacht Club onSunday, November 22, from 4pm to7pm for anyone who needs assistanceto write their submission or get some extra information.

“I have offered my professional experience to assist people putting in a submission to DAC,” Simon said.

“I am aware for the average person it is often a bureaucratic confusing process.

“I am against the proposal, as it does not acknowledge the existing use of the Encounter coast and near shore watersand gives no consideration of the financial impact on existing businesses and activities such as surf schools, national sailing titles and surf lifesaving clubs.”

A spokesperson from state government department DEWNR said there has been no decision on the Oceanic Victor project and PIRSA is still assessing the aquaculture pilot lease.

“Contrary to reports the lease for the kiosk, toilets and other facilities on Granite Island is still under negotiation with no decision made,” the spokesperson said.

“It is also important to note that PIRSA has only responded to questions on the project in its submission, but at this stage has not approved the project.”

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FULL STEAM AHEAD: Robyn Scott and Nadia Mellor finetune for the women’s only triathlon at Allans Flat on Sunday. Picture: DAVIS HARRIGAN
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A CAPACITY field will compete in the women’s only triathlon at Allans Flat on Sunday.

Since starting out with 35 competitors in 2009, numbers have ballooned to 250.

More than $10,000 has been donated to Border women’s organisations in that time.

OrganisersNadia Mellor and Jo Homer said the growth of the event had been incredible.

“The event started with an idea to raise the profile of triathlon as a sport with women, and to also raise funds for local women’s services,” Mellor said.

“This huge increase means the Look Good Feel Better Program will get a substantial donation for women going through cancer treatments.

“The race will have many first timers who have been encouraged by previous participants to come and have a go in a very supportive environment.”

While many of the women will have their sights set on personal best times, others will simply be keen to finish.

The action kicks off at 8.30am.

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LOCAL newspaper archivists Rod and Wendy Gow have released a new local history book titled “Krambach – Chronicles of 1937 to 1950”.
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This local history book, compiled from newspaper articles from 1937 through to 1950, follows on from their earlier local history book “Krambach chronicles of the early days 1856 to 1938”, covering Krambach, Dyer’s Crossing, Tipperary, Firefly, Wang Wauk, Bulby Brush, Bucca Wauka, Larry’s Flat, Bunyah, Cucumbark, Karkatt, Kundibakh, Willina, Belbora, Avalon, Tahpit and surrounding districts.

Commencing at the lowest economic point of the Great Depression in 1937, through the years of World War II, and continuing after peace was declared, in the years of austerity to 1950, these newspaper articles highlight the efforts and determination of these communities in such tough times to live a normal, if frugal, lifestyle.

They came together and assisted those less fortunate than themselves. They held sporting events and entertainments that brought enjoyment into their lives, and quite a few still successfully operated businesses and farms, most kept their household economies afloat, being the sons and daughters of pioneers who had been through the 1890s depression, they excelled in making life more bearable.

Those on farms generally fared better than the general populace, being able to grow their own food, and the excess was donated to those in less fortunate circumstances. Some dairy farmers managed well enough to be able to purchase motor vehicles, a commodity generally out of the financial reach of most families.

These gallant men and women turned tragedies into triumphs and established a productive and supportive society. They also managed to glean enough money from their savings to build new churches, halls, and sporting grounds. Community was everything – support your neighbour when they needed you – and keep the family afloat, being their main objectives.

Many obituaries have been included, as these give interesting details of the pioneers and descendants life and achievements. These articles shed light on the family history of great interest to the following generations. Likewise many marriage reports are also in great detail and highlight the connections between the many pioneering families who moulded this district with their untiring efforts.

Copies of the Gows’ latest local history book are available at Cundletown Museum, (Soldiers Memorial Hall), Main Street, Cundletown.

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Try time: Nathan Gardner scores a try for Cronulla against the Bulldogs at last year’s Auckland Nines. Picture: Simon Watts/Getty Images.Cronulla and St George Illawarra have been drawn in the same pool for February’s Auckland Nines.
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The Sharks and Dragons will meet Canberra and the Gold Coast in Pool Piha.

Cronulla finished runner-up last year, losing the final to South Sydney.

The tournament could be Cronulla fans first look at a host of new signings including halves James Maloney and Chad Townsend.

NRL premiers North Queensland were drawn against Newcastle, Penrith and the Wests Tigers in Pool Rangitoto.

Pool Hunua appears to be the strongest with the hosts New Zealand Warriors drawn against Canterbury, Manly and NRL grand finalists Brisbane.

Last year’s nines champions South Sydney are joined in Pool Waiheke by the Sydney Roosters, Parramatta and Melbourne.

The third annual pre-season tournament will be held over the weekend of February 6 and 7.

Who will advance furthest at the Auckland Nines – Cronulla or St George Illawarra?

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It’s a pity St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a public holiday but here’s some good news for the lovers of all things Irish.
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Coming off the big day, the Blue Mountains Music Festival in 2016 will presenta huge feast of Irish music as part of the annual celebration of folk, roots and blues on Friday, March 18through to Sunday, March 20. Acts like Moxie, The Rambling Boys, The Rumjacks and Mary Black and her band will have audienceson theirfeet and spilling Guinness in no time.

Mary Black, on her last tour of Australia, will be making her first appearance at the festival. For over a quarter-century, Blackhas been a dominant presence in Irish music, both at home and abroad. Black has released 11 studio albums all of which achieved platinum sales status and spawned countless hits.

She has shared stages, TV shows and recording studios with some of the most revered performers of her time. She has also played a front-line role in bringing Irish music, past and present, to an increasingly appreciative and ever-growing global audience.

With Blackwill be her daughter, the rising talent Roisin O.Her career took off almost immediately after she left school.She started airing her own songs at every chance she got, whether as a solo artist, a guest performer or with her band.

Support slots with artists across a wide range of styles, including Imelda May, The Coronas, Brad Paisley and her mother Mary Black for whom she sings back-up vocals, proved that Roisin O was born to perform.

The Rambling Boys are the best of old school Irish tradition.They are a group of amazing musicians with successful individual careers who have been members of various Irish traditional groups. And Moxie is a group who isinspiring audiences with their new palette of 21st century Irish music.

Much loved Irish troubadour Luka Bloom is a master of the concert stage. His incredibly sympathetic electro-acoustic guitar playing guarantees an impassioned live performance of his original, poetic and melodic songs. Bloom’s concert arsenal includes both tender and dynamic original material and a surprisingly eclectic selection of the songsof other people.

New musical palette: Irish band Moxie will perform at next year’s Blue Mountains Music Festival in Katoomba.

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Narromine Shire Council general manager Greg Lamont will not be receiving an apology from Cr Dawn Collins after she voted against his performance review in 2014.
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The Office of Local Government (OLG) has ruled the apology is not in the public interest to pursue with the dispute being brought to public attention at the last council meeting.

The code of conduct complaint has featured in the shire business paper since October last year.

The then OLG chief executive, Marcia Doheny (who has since stood down), said she did not condone Cr Collins’ failure to comply with council’s resolution.

She understands the councillor is concerned about how the situation was dealt with.

“I was not satisfied that it was in the public interest to pursue the matter. Nor was I satisfied the matter warranted the use of further public resources,” Ms Doheny writes in the letter.

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HITTING practice balls with Adam Scott and inspiringwords from PGA Tour winnerPeter Lonard are timely motivators forLincoln Tighe.
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Taking aim: Port Kembla’s Lincoln Tighe tees off at the Australian Masters at Melbourne’s Huntingdale on Thursday. Picture: Dave Tease/Golf NSW

In the biggest month of his flourishing career, Tighe will play Australia’smajor tournaments, starting with the Masters on Thursday.

He then returns to Americaforthe final stage of the web南京夜网 qualifying, acareer stepping stone towards a US PGA Tour card.

As he treadsthe same fairways assome of the world’s best this week, Tighe has already shown an improved ability to hold his nerve under pressure.With only 21, plus ties, making it tonext month’sfinal stage, Tighe produced birdies on the final two holes in Texas last week to be -8,tied for 19th,securinghis place.

“It was good for the confidence to make the score under deep pressure,” Tighe told the Mercury after a practice round at Masters venueHuntingdale.

“I knew I was on right on the edge, but I finished and had a nervous waiting game for a couple of hours to see if I’d make it through.

“Everything is going well at the moment, I’m getting a lot more comfortable about performing in the bigger tournaments.”

Tighe shook off the jetlag with nine holesafter landing in Melbourne on Monday, beforea practice round on Tuesday with four-time European tour winner Stephen Leaney.

The Port Kembla product also spent time on the practice fairway next to Scott, as well asa chance encounter with Lonard, who won a PGA Tour event in 2005.

“It was amazing to hear Peter say he had been watching me (play in the US),” Tighesaid.

“He’s a guy who made a career in the US and played at all the majors, so it was just good to be able to chat to him and listen to his experience.

“When I was hitting balls next to Adam Scott, it kind of reminds you how great it is to be back playing the big tournaments at home.”

Under new coach Gary Barter, Tighe has worked on his mental approach, the key to handling the stress of cut-throat qualifying rounds and big Australian tournaments alike.


“I’ve been a lot more consistent,” he said.

“I’ve been working with a sports psychologist as well and it’s certainly paying off.”

Off thetee at 11.45amwith Ryan Lynch and Anthony Brownon Thursday, Tighe wants to continue the momentum in Australia and back to the US.

“It would be unreal,” he said about the prospect of a web南京夜网 card next year.“One of my dreams is to play on the major tours. Web南京夜网 is a stepping stone to the PGA tour, but it’s a big step to befull-time over there.”

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